Rent Stable Diffusion Private Server

Rent your private server with Stable Diffusion pre-installed and direct WhatsApp help. We offer this service for advertising agencies and marketing teams, for example. But you can certainly also benefit from a private Stable Diffusion server.

Why should modern marketing teams use Stable Diffusion Private Servers from Trooper.AI?

Stable Diffusion Private Server for Marketing Teams

Trooper.AI, an innovative company, offers Stable Diffusion Private Servers that are specifically tailored to the needs of modern marketing teams based on the reuse of gaming hardware.

Our approach is clever: We use used gaming hardware to create affordable and powerful servers and workstations. This not only saves money, but is also good for the environment.

Our Stable Diffusion Private Server are tailored to the needs of each team and offer powerful computing performance. Importantly, we do not share hardware resources with other customers. This means you get full performance and additional security.

We offer flexible rental models for our servers. This allows marketing teams to adapt their servers to current requirements at any time. Your Stable Diffusion Server is ready to go and you and your team can get started right away. 

Our servers give marketing teams access to the latest technology. This enables them to implement sophisticated, data-driven marketing projects. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, our servers will help you achieve your marketing goals.


Our servers are located in Level 3 data centers in the EU (FR, NL, DE) and meet the usual standards. Power supply, backups, access restriction, separate data networks - all available.


Your Stable Diffusion server is exclusively for you and only the high-end hardware limits you and your team when creating images. Only with us you have 100% access to the original & complete UI of Stable Diffusion.


Your GPU for Stable Diffusion is exclusively for you. Create batches with hundreds of variants at the highest sampling rate and reach your goal faster. With us, there are no limits on your server!

We share our knowledge

We offer weekly Zoom calls to our AI servers. You and your team can benefit from a direct exchange with our AI experts and clarify questions directly at no extra cost. Your questions will be clarified directly with you and on your server. So there will never be any blockages in your AI projects again.

How does the workflow work with a virtual AI photo shoot?

stable diffusion workflow with trooperai

With a Trooper.AI server, you have the ability to organize virtual photo shoots with ease. You can even extend existing photo shoots by adding new scenes or models, depending on the specific needs of your products or target markets.

Here is a simple three-step process to utilize this technology:

  1. Prompt developmentCreate a 'prompt', a word string that describes your desired scene in detail. Then generate between 100 and 1000 images. The large quantity serves to give you a variety of options to choose from. This is particularly important in a professional context, where we always strive to present our brand and products in the best possible way.

  2. Image selection and scene creationSelect an image and use it to create your final scene. Complete your prompt with additional Details to describe the scene and the foreground elements as precisely as possible.

  3. Variant creationOnce you are satisfied with the scene, you can create variations of individual areas of the image. For example, you could change the model's skin color or gender, adjust the background and much more.

By using this technology, you will quickly realize how cost-effective virtual photo shoots are. They enable a high degree of personalization of your advertising, which can significantly increase your marketing success.

Now you can have your products inserted as you wish. All the products you have and will have in the future. You'll never have to re-shoot again. Let the AI take care of everything.

Book one now Stable Diffusion Server at Trooper.AI and get started!


AI image generation is better than any stock library because:

Your desired poses,

Clothing and ambience tailored to the target group,

Correct age limits,

Suitable weather and light,

Free space for your products and advertising texts,

and much more!

EU location, high security, great performance


305 €

per month

56 GB + 24 GB
680 GB
RTX 3090
4 Cores
Stable Diffusion Web UI