Our GPU servers offer high computing power, flexibility, efficiency, cost savings, environmental friendliness, customizability, and real-time processing across industries.

Why Trooper.AI servers?

Cheap AI servers thanks to used gaming hardware

Trooper.AI is an innovative company that provides GPU servers for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and other high-performance applications. In doing so, we focus on upcycling and use used gaming hardware to Cost-effective and powerful remote workstations and servers to provide. This approach reduces e-waste and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cloud providers.

The GPU servers and remote workstations from Trooper.AI are individually assembled and offer impressive computing power from 34 to 328 TFLOPS per server. Trooper.AI provides correspondingly powerful systems for all application areas. No GPU hardware level is shared with other customers, which guarantees additional security and performance.

Trooper.AI offers flexible rental solutions for your GPU servers allowing customers to adapt their AI hardware to their current requirements at any time. Both Windows and Ubuntu operating systems are available. In addition, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee, which makes it possible to test the GPU servers free of charge and without obligation.

With Trooper.AI's GPU servers, customers can access the latest GPU technology to realize sophisticated projects in the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The powerful GPU servers are suitable for small startups as well as large enterprises and offer the possibility to take projects to a new level.


Our servers are located in Level 3 data centers in the EU (FR, NL, DE) and meet the usual standards. Power supply, backups, access restriction, separate data networks - all available.

24/7 POWER

Gaming hardware is designed for high performance. We know exactly how to make used hardware fit for continuous use. You don't have to do without anything.


Your GPUs are assigned only to you up to and including the hardware level and no second customer has access to these compute units. No GPU slicing with us.

Power for the team

Equip your software developers with powerful hardware on which everything can be installed the way you need it. You and your team will no longer have problems with proprietary APIs or restricted libraries in Containern.


7 days money back guarantee

EU location, high security, great performance

What can I do with a GPU server?

Stable diffusion for image creation thanks to high-end AI power
Stable diffusion for image creation thanks to high-end AI performance

GPU servers offer tremendous computing power, making them ideal for a wide range of applications and industries. Here are some common examples where GPU servers can show their strengths:

  • Stable Diffusion Private Server: Enjoy full computing power and an infinite choice of variants, batches, rendering steps and memory without limits
  • General Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: GPU servers are particularly well suited for use in AI and machine learning development, as they can process complex algorithms and large data sets quickly. For example, they can be used in the development and training of neural networks, speech recognition systems or image recognition applications.
  • Graphics and video rendering: GPU servers provide the high graphics performance required for professional graphics and video rendering. They enable designers and animators to create and edit high-resolution 3D models and animations in real time. Post-production of movies and commercials also benefits from the speed and efficiency of GPU servers.
  • Scientific simulations: In research, GPU servers are used to perform complex simulations, for example in the fields of meteorology, astrophysics or biology. They allow scientists to calculate models and predictions quickly and precisely in order to gain valuable insights.
  • Financial analytics: GPU servers can be used to perform real-time analysis of large financial data sets. They enable banks and other financial institutions to assess risks, optimize trading strategies, and perform market analysis.
  • Cryptography and cryptocurrencies: GPU servers can be used to accelerate cryptographic calculations and to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Through their computing power, they contribute to the security and stability of Blockchain networks.

Overall, GPU servers are an excellent choice for numerous applications thanks to their high computing power and flexibility. Businesses and research institutions benefit from the wide range of applications and efficiency that GPU servers offer.

7 days any time the money back, guaranteed!

Performance content of our GPU servers

Each package includes the following basic services:

  • Top hardware at unbeatable prices
  • High performance per CPU core
  • Personal contact person with AI experience, With AI development expertise (e.g., Python, Langchain, StableDiffusion, Tensorflow, etc.).
  • Full root access
  • Unlimited installation options
  • Unbridled GPU performance
  • Hardware upgrades possible at any time and without reinstallation
  • Duplicate images to new hardware possible
  • VNC, SSH, RDP as connection possibilities prepared by us
  • Protected system behind firewall, NAT and DDOS protection
  • Hosting in the EU in Level 3 Data Center
  • 10 freely available ports
  • 5 TB free traffic
  • upcycled gaming hardware, Protects the environment
  • reliable design and high performance cooling
  • 100 % Electricity from renewable sources
  • Payment by credit card or standing order

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