Just. Predict. Things.

We at Trooper.AI have effective tools and build dedicated solutions to predict and optimize digital products.



If you don't know that artificial intelligence consists of ones and zeros, well, it's that simple! Images are converted into ones and zeros, words, sentences, language, videos - everything is simply sawn into ones and zeros! Trooper.AI therefore concentrates on exactly that: XOXO, uh I mean: 1 and 0.



Artificial intelligence requires great resources, that much is clear to all of us. But are we really using all kinds of resources right now? Trooper.AI conserves resources and performs calculations on the user side, directly in the browser.



Trooper.AI is full artificial intelligence. As a result, it knows that it should train as quickly as possible on new data. And that happens completely automatically. Not only that: with Trooper.AI the first results of new data are available as quickly as possible and are further improved in the background.


Our products are build to fit specific needs of professional cases. Just read more about them and book a presentation.

Tech Health

Predictive Error Recognition

Do you know the problem: You have an important marketing campaign running and your website has unnoticed errors in the closing process, which prevents prospects from closing? The worst part is that this mistake is only noticed after days?


If you want to build something special, use our services. All our products are build on top of them.


Realtime predict

Predict in realtime in the browser of the user everything you can imagine. Without a model, just start!

Create your AI dashboard

So, you want a new AI dashboard, great! Let's name your new AI dashboard the name of your company.

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AI error recognition

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